Services Offered

Process Service

For a rate starting from $65.00 and up (per person/per address) Freshvisions will perform your serve request along with 4 attempts and mailing of the affidavit of service immediately after the successful or unsuccessful attempts of service.


After 4 unsuccessful attempts (per person/per address) each additional attempt will cost $20.00 per person/per address.

Rush Service requests (requests for service within 24 hours) are an additional $35.00 on top of the regular service fee of $65.00.  Same day rush service is $60.00 on top of the regular service fee

Dispossessory service can be completed for $35.00 per person which includes tack and mail..


Stake outs for the purpose of effecting the service of process is available for $65.00 per hour.

Regular process service attempts will usually start in about 72 hours after receipt of the documents.


Rush service attempts will start within 24 hours after receipt of the documents. 

Mobile Notary

Need your documents notarized? Cost is $25.00 per person which includes my notary act and travel to your location. Clients must have a government issued picture ID available upon my arrival.

Court Filings

Need your legal documents filed in court but you don't have the time to travel to the court house? Let Freshvisions handle your filing for $50.00.